Hollywood, CA




Within an up and coming neighborhood, just south of Hollywood, CA, BSPK was asked to remodel an apartment building in dire straits. The goal, to create an identifiable building in the most economical way within the otherwise benign urban fabric of its surroundings. That meant the existing 3600 sf structure had to be maintained, even though it had experienced many remodels and additions over its 70 years of existence, leaving the building without any architectural identity and an interior program that mimicked a hotel with hallways and rooms rather than traditional apartments. Given the limited budget, BSPK had to work with and not against the envelop of the existing structure and re-envision the building in a way that meant keeping the existing roof, but re-sculpting it and find ways to turn the row of rooms into four 2-bedroom units. Following “less is more”, the architectural language ended up being very simple. Create a white elevation that could be broken up into larger and smaller patterns creating a rhythm which worked with the functional aspect of the building. These penetrations are framed by metal boxes of different depth, creating a dynamic façade of changing shadow lines as the sun moves along. The simplicity of the building is only interrupted by the splashes of color on the inside of the frames to create a beautiful, yet whimsical elevation that smiles at you regardless if you are looking out the window or back at the building.